the farm

You'll find our farm on a little hill, just past the world famous Skagit Valley tulip fields.  With ten acres of wide open space and the most gorgeous sunsets you've seen, it’s everything we ever dreamed about.  

Our farm is truly a "micro-farm" with just under 1/4 acres cultivated. While dahlias are reigning queen, we also love to grow unique foliages, vines and whimsical bits like grasses and pods. This year, we’ll also be adding a small pumpkin patch, filled with heirloom pumpkins and gourds. We're headed into our third growing season here and the farm has come along way from the overgrown, blackberry filled horse pasture that it was when we first laid eyes on it three years ago. And while we’re proud of the progress so far, we so eager for all that’s yet to come! Each year, we’re growing one step closer to creating our dream farm; a beautiful, peaceful place where we can invite you to come to pause, rest, and be inspired.  We hope you’ll join us here for one of our floral design workshops, classes hosted by talented makers and artists, gatherings for farm dinners, and so much more.

More important than raising flowers, we're raising a family.  That's why in addition to the flowers, you'll find our boy’s various projects and interests sharing our time and space.  This farm is home to more forts than you can count, a small flock of Romney sheep, two Gloucestershire pigs, chickens and a few barn cats and our beloved farm dog, Picket.  This is where our boys run barefoot or ride bikes between the rows while we harvest flowers.  It’s here where we're putting down roots and writing our story, page by page.  We'd love for you to follow along with our farm story! (Be sure to connect with us on social media share the day to day workings of our little farm.)


the crew

The Crew

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