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the farm

You'll find our farm on a little hill, just past the Skagit Valley tulip fields.  With ten acres of wide open space and the most gorgeous sunsets you've seen, its everything we ever dreamed about.  

Our farm is truly a "micro-farm" with just under 1/4 acres cultivated, with dahlias reigning queen.  We also love to grow unique foliages, vines and whimsical bits like grasses and pods. We've owned this farm just two years and are charging full steam ahead to create the place we've always dreamed about; a beautiful, peaceful place where we can invite you to come to pause, rest, and be inspired.  Though not currently open to the public,  we're working hard to be able to welcome you to our farm by Spring 2019.

More important than raising flowers, we're raising a family.  That's why in addition to the flowers, you'll find our boys various projects and interests sharing our farm.  This place is home to our small flock  of Romney sheep, chickens and cats, and more forts than you can count.  This farm is where our boys run barefoot or ride bikes between the rows while we harvest flowers.  It's where we're putting down roots and writing our story, page by page.  We'd love for you to follow along with our farm story! (Be sure to connect with us on social media share the day to day workings of our little farm.)

Twig and Vine Dahlia Harvest

our STOry

Our farm began with a love story. It starts with a handsome cowboy and blue-eyed girl who fell in love at the county fair. We dreamed of a place where we could grow a living from the land, with our hands in the dirt, the sun on our faces, and our children by our side. Sixteen years, three little boys and ten acres later, our dream is coming true.  

 We grow unique, fragrant, often heirloom varieties of cut flowers, just like the ones you remember from your grandma's garden.  We're family owned and operated and committed to responsible stewardship and sustainable farming methods.  Our flowers are sourced to wedding designers in the greater Seattle area and we often pop-up at local restaurants and shops for flash sales.  (Be sure to follow along on social media to find out where we'll be next!)

Community is everything to us and we love nothing more than reaching out and connecting through flowers.  We believe in the power  of random acts of kindness and think that flower are an incredibly powerful tool for connecting and encouraging.  Please be sure to follow along on social media to learn more about how we're getting flowers into the hands of those who need them most.

Our other favorite way to connect and inspire people through flowers is through our floral design classes.  Deanna, who's trained with nationally acclaimed Sinclair and Moore and Floret, is a firm believer in the beauty of gathering people together to be inspired and create beauty with flowers.  (See Events for our current class offerings.)

We hope you'll follow along for more details on upcoming events and to hear each new chapter in our farm story.